Retreat Testimonials 2011

Busselton, WA – November 2011

Busselton in WA is one of my favourite places to visit! Not only is there the glorious Geographe Bay and the magnificent beaches around the Dunsborough area, we always have a fantastic retreat here! The location is a great one for people in Perth and the surrounding areas to get to, and we have the most beautiful people come along and join us. This year was no exception – it was my fourth trip back to WA to run a retreat and what an amazing group of ladies participated. We developed such a great connection with each other, it was like being with family and we all gained a lot out of the experience – I can’t wait to come back next year to run an 8 night retreat!

Thank you so much for an uplifting, invigorating experience. The attention to detail, knowledge and quest for priority and well-being from Leisa makes everything look easy and just so simple. How clever is that? The practioners and assistants are ‘second to none’ – all the team members were amazing in their own right and their own special healings, techniques and knowledge. I will thoroughly recommend your retreats to anyone who asks – for so many health reasons!
Maggie – Shoalwater, WA

My name is Gilly, I am 56 years old and I have just completed one of the most rewarding weeks of my life. Every participant came to this retreat for a different reason, some to relax, get pampered, to eat beautiful raw vegan food, to detox or just to spend time away from the husband, kids, work and spend time alone to reflect, dream and plan. This retreat has been so well planned you have time for all of this and more and a few surprises thrown in. One of the best parts is meeting new friends and sharing our stories of life with a lot of laughter a few tears and hugs in a very supporting and caring environment. Before I came to the retreat I had been feeling that life was really not what it’s cracked up to be, I was feeling sad, grumpy, depressed and uncertain of where my life was heading, I needed ‘time-out’ my health and wellbeing is important I deserved this me time. When I first arrived, I saw myself in the huge bathroom mirrors and I didn’t like what I saw a sad, blotchy face, bloated stomach, droopy shoulders and I thought ‘Where has Gilly Gone?” Well today after a beautiful yoga session on the beach, I got out of the shower looked in the mirror and saw in my eyes what I have not seen in years – me!
Gillian – WA

I’m 13 and my mum dragged me on the retreat. And… I loved it! The people were awesome! Really kind and helpful! The accommodation was so luxury! Also we had 3 days of juice fasting and that was fabulous! And the food was amazing! A warm thanks to Cat and Bell for all their help and cooking! Leisa for a great experience, Angie for all the yoga lessons and more! Elle for the lovely facial! And Darby, although I didn’t have a massage with him, being the only male must be hard!! Thanks so much everyone! Oh and to everyone who came on it! I swear I’ve never come across a chattier group.

Lots of Love Luce

P.S. I think we chatted more than we detoxed ;)
Luce – Canning Bridge, WA

This is the first time I’ve tried going on a health retreat, and I admit that I was a little nervous about it at first. But after the first night, and then slowly as the course progressed, I was reassured that I was undertaking this retreat in a relaxed, restful, nurturing and very supportive environment. I’m so delighted to have met such wonderful people with such beautiful personalities – both retreat support crew and fellow retreatees – what a blessing! Leisa, you have been (and are) such an amazing leader throughout this experience, a fun, talented and very caring person – a beautiful soul – thank you for guiding us through this retreat. And Ange, your yoga classes were enlightening and a wonderful experience. What you’re doing Leisa, what you’ve made into your life’s mission, is so important to us all, not only is it life changing, it is life saving. And the sooner we all realise, the better the quality and enjoyment of life we can all live.
Michelle N – Balcotta, WA

I met an amazing bunch of ladies, people from a vast variety of backgrounds who I normally wouldn’t. I learnt soooo much, the education was very useful and I am so happy I am now knowledgeable in this area. You have opened my eyes to a world of amazing nutrition and utmost love – My life has been changed and I cannot wait to get home. I came to lose weight and now my mind is, never diet, just make good nutritious food choices!
Kim – Walkley Heights, SA

Well, I am a repeat offender, and will be for some time to come! Each year I learn some new information to take home with me, not just about raw food but about the whole emotional, physical, spiritual well-being.

It is very comforting to be surrounded and supported by like-minded people. All aspects are covered and they are all amazing – the food, body work, physical and emotional support, education and information sessions, yoga, venue. I really can’t fault anything at all!

Most importantly my all round health just keeps getting better and my thanks go to embracing health retreats totally!
Michele – Bunbury, WA

This retreat was money well worth spending – Leisa’s knowledge of raw food diet was excellent. The professional way in which to retreat is held, together with the beautiful surroundings make you feel, very nurtured and cared for, creating a happy healing environment among friends. Well done and thank you Leisa.
Lynne – Como, WA

An essential step in the healing process incorporating tools to share an transform your life!
Nina – Ferndale, WA

Noosa, QLD – October 2011

This was the first Noosa retreat at a brand new venue, and it was a very special event with a group of AMAZING ladies! One of the treats for me, doing this work, is being able to meet such beautiful people and share the experience together. This was an incredible group of open-hearted, loving and supportive women – it was truly a special experience. I wasn’t sure whether to call this the “crying retreat” (in a good way!), the “hugging retreat” (that was definitely a good thing!) or the “sponge” retreat where all the information shared was just soaked up!! It is lovely to be able to share my knowledge with people who are so open to receiving it and taking it on board. A very special thanks to the Embracing Life! Team of Belinda and Ange, it’s so wonderful to share these retreats with such great friends (who work SO hard and give such loving support to myself and our guests) – thanks so much, xxxxx


This retreat was one of the most amazing experiences I have had in my life! Finally I have the tools and knowledge to be the most healthful person I can be. I went through so many emotional and physical challenges and the whole time I was supported, nurtured and kept safe. Leisa has brought together all the little bits of knowledge and information that I have gathered and made them one big wonderful, joyful ray of sunshine in my future health, and has given me the gift of hope of a joy filled, vibrantly healthy future. The assistants Ange, and Belinda were an incredible blessing and the food they prepared was sensational and filled with love. I thank God for the day I found you! My love.
Carolyn R. – Brisbane, QLD


This was my first retreat as such and I really didn’t know what to expect. I thought I may get a few headaches, aches and pains, hunger pangs and the like, but the experience went far beyond any of that. Rather than being just a physical detox, it was a mind, body and spirit detox. Emotions I hadn’t dealt with for years were brought to the surface and released in a nurturing, holistic environment. Leisa and her team are so knowledgeable in not just detoxing and raw foods but of the benefits of good wholesome nutrition, a lifestyle including movement and relaxation and nurturing of one’s self. I highly recommend Leisa’s retreat, or any opportunity to hear Leisa talk about health, for anyone wanting to experience life to its fullest, maximise their energy and one’s true potential.
Tina H. – Sydney, NSW

I have had an amazing week of cleansing, new friendships, delicious juices, smoothies, raw meals and desserts, and time for me. Great knowledge from Leisa that she shared with us was also valuable. Thanks for a great service that is much needed!
Tara Y – Central Queensland

Wow what a fun and fab way to learn about detoxing. The food was very good, the juices excellent. I feel more like the person I want to be. Now I go back home to implement some of the great food and ideas shared this week.
Julia S. – Central Queensland

Leisa Wheeler is so inspiring and her lectures and knowledge are inspiring, encouraging and motivating! Add to that the beautiful juices on the 3 day detox, which surprisingly was not hard at all. The raw food was delicious and again encouraging to go home and introduce into my diet. The food preparation classes made this even more believable. I loved meeting and getting to know the other women and I believe forming some life long bonds of friendship. I would highly recommend this retreat for people who would like to improve their quality and length of life by improving their health.
Karen D. – Central Queensland

Dearest Leisa,
WOW! Having just turned 46 I was ready to embrace the next part of my life differently, but really didn’t know how to go about making the changes I wanted. Doing the juice detox made everything so much clearer and Leisa’s amazing knowledge and guidance completed the picture I was looking for. I feel fresh, clear and inspired to move into the next phase of my life confidently. I absolutely loved the retreat and the beautiful people I met. I never knew raw food could taste so good. Belinda has sparked my ‘inner Nigella’ and Ange gave me back my love to stretch and simply be. Love and Gratitude.
Annalisa M. – Sydney, NSW

Anyone who needs to know about nutrition and wellbeing would love this retreat. Leisa has an absolute mountain of knowledge and expertise which she generously shares. The food/juices are nourishing and more than enough to satisfy. The food preparation with Belinda was excellent as was the yoga with Ange. Three beautiful women. There were 10 of us, different ages, lifestyles, but all generous with their love and laughter. A memorable week!
Jan S.- Sydney, NSW

Byron Bay, NSW – September 2011

The very first eight day Byron Bay retreat was an incredible experience, with a fantastic, diverse group of people – it was truly a transformational journey! I think the eight days really allowed us to get to know one another better and form some amazing friendships and support networks. We couldn’t have asked for better weather – Byron Bay was at its magical best, with brilliant blue skies, warm days to enjoy the beach (including the whales and dolphins) and that beautiful healing energy that is Byron. The combination of the incredible work of our Ka-huna massage therapists, the transformational breathing work, the yoga, sound healing, the talks and THE FOOD (oh… the food!!) – made it a very holistic experience that we all got a lot out of. Much love to you all!

“Byron Bay – and the Tallow Beach Houses – is a magical place, and the simplicity and beauty of the surroundings at the little ‘haven’ that Leisa chose for her Retreat was just perfect. I loved that I could hear the ocean from our cabin, and that during my spare time, I could bop down to the beach in less than two minutes. Whenever we had spare time, if I wasn’t lying on the beach, I was lounging in my hammock, reading Leisa’s lecture handouts and watching the bush turkeys, rabbits and magpies putter around in my backyard. It felt so calming to me; I blissed right out.

And the massages….wow! The Ka-huna massage was a life-changing experience for me – who knew massages could be spiritual as well as physical? Darby and Paul were so helpful in further focusing me and helping me along in my journey to heal. I have had many massages in my lifetime; I can say without reservation that these two are exceptional at what they do.

In terms of the Retreat itself, Leisa touches on everything you could think of! From the reality of going RAW, to the deeper process of getting in touch with yourself and your body, Leisa covers it all, providing many unique experiences in the process. Leisa is a master at creating an environment where each of us was able to be who we needed to be, learn what we needed to learn and simply surrender to the warmth and nurturing that she and her staff provided. I couldn’t have asked for more.

I want to sincerely thank Leisa (and her exceptional team…Julie, Dorothy, Ange, Darby and Paul) for this wonderful experience. It is clear that you all love what you do, and this shows in every aspect of the Retreat. I learned so much, not only about going RAW, but about myself. It was more than I could have expected; what a wonderful surprise! Please, keep doing what you are doing!”
Terri-Lee K. – Canada

Dear Leisa and your gifted team. The eight days just spent with you was the best gift, I could just not have imagined. I am recently retired from corporate life – about to turn 60 – and looking forward to life’s next chapters but was unsure of which way to turn to ensure the coming years were happy and healthy ones. Your course changed that for me. I leave your retreat only 8 short days later, refreshed, engerised and with a clarity of thought not felt for years. Moreover, I feel confident that the information and resources I am taking away with me will allow this new chapter of my life to be written in the context of good health and enthusiasm. Thank you and I am looking forward to my next story with you.
Kate R. – Cooma, NSW

Great juices and food, very relaxing and re-energising – leaving feeling great!
Donna D. – Adelaide, SA

The retreat changed the way I think about food. I left with the foundations to make smarter food choices for myself and my family. A great kick-start along the path to healthier (and happier) living – thanks Leisa! Who would have thought a 5 day juice fast (feast), plus 2 days raw food (thanks Julie), great venue and awesome Ange and delightful Dorothy – could be so enlightening…and I haven’t even mentioned the massage ;)
Jayne K. – Brisbane, QLD

Being a Practitioner of Natural Medicine, I have been strong for so many seeking help and support, together with carrying an inaugural development project of 37 apartments on my own has been somewhat daunting. I knew I was on the brink of a complete meltdown…… ready for a total “makeover”. It’s not about strength, it’s about balance!!

This Retreat has detoxed, rejuvenated, restored and revitalised me completely, and it’s only the beginning of a new way of living! The culmination of Leisa’s collective experience is evident in her ability to package a comprehensive program, with the insight to select the right type of venue, impart relevant health information supported with the right balance of different hand picked specialists to enhance the detox process of body, mind and emotions.

Our bodies were stretched each morning with yoga. Our digestive system was given the opportunity to be spring cleaned with juices and colonic irrigation. Our taste buds were re-educated to relish fresh food, for we have largely lost the meaning of real food. Fresh, wholsesome food being more satisfying as our bodies can absorb real nutrients to keep us well. Being a foodie, the pleasure of raw cuisine is ecstatic under the creative magic of masterchef Julie Mitsios showcasing raw cuisine at an international 5 star level!

The ultimate unexpected ecstasy was the Kahuna massages, the power of therapeutic touch together with singing was a primal experience, taking me back to my childhood of unconditional love. All in all this Retreat was a life changing experience worth every cent!!

I’ve been to many Health Retreats and this has been by far the most memorable….. I’m inspired to make better choices with fresh food, natural nutrition, to share what I’ve learnt and experienced with my family, friends and patients, thank you Leisa.
Viviann B. – Melbourne, VIC

A perfect 5 day fast to kick start my sluggish system back onto the right track. A brilliant way to consolidate healthy food choices, remind you of your body’s wisdom and a most restful escape from a busy schedule. I’ll be back next year!
Lisa-Jane. – Melbourne, VIC

The 5 day fast was amazing, and I felt fantastic afterwards, it was such a relaxing week! Leisa you are fantastic! Your energy is inspirational! I love you to bits!
Jodee A. – Brisbane, QLD

Ubud, Bali – August 2011

Our inaugural Bali Retreat was amazing! The first international Embracing Life! Retreat was held at Villa Gaia in Ubud, Bali and it was such a beautiful spot to do a retreat such as this one. It was eight nights long, and we participated in a four day juice fast, transformational breathing, daily yoga, massage, colonics, sound-healing and shopping trips, as well as learning so much in the lectures and the discussions we had. It was a fantastic group of people and we certainly formed a bond during the retreat, that I hope will endure for some time to come!

I am not new to Raw Foods but knew little about detoxification and retreats, so I was totally without expectations but very curious and eager to learn. Leisa is not only a charming, lovely person but a professional in her field. Her knowledge and expertise is nothings short of remarkable and her experience belies her young age. She presented what could have been boring lectures with charisma, credibility and profound knowledge. Her entire team did her proud – Leisa’s fierce passion and desire to help people comes across in everything she says and does with sincerity and truth. For me, it was a total “WOW!!!” experience and one which leaves me hungry for more. I pray future opportunities will manifest themselves to me – Leisa may tire of seeing my face again and again!
Elsie M. Perth, WA

I came into this retreat with the lowest energy along with quite a history of anxiety and depression. I had experimented with many diets and alternative healing therapies as westernized medicine never worked for me. At first the juicing was not going down very well, but after the introduction of green smoothies I felt like I had struck gold! The regular yoga practice really helped get me balanced emotionally along with the healthy juices. After incorporating the raw foods, colonics and massages my energy sky rocketed! The daily lectures and group activities inspired me to actually WANT to feel healthy and energetic again. I am now wanting to take a yoga teacher training course and pursue a raw food diet as well as share all this information with my family and friends.
Ami S. Ubud, Bali

The retreat in Bali was an exceptional week. The food was outstanding – even the juices during the four day fast were enough to take away any thoughts of whole food. At the end of the week I felt brilliant. Full of energy and totally refreshed. The holistic approach of the detox, sauna, yoga and colonics was great, definitely need to get away to be able to do all this!
Sue B. Gold Coast, QLD

Leisa, You are a true inspiration. You are beautiful on both the inside and out and that’s exactly what you have helped me to do on this brilliant Bali Retreat. Words of love and thanks will never be enough for the joy and excitement you have created in me. This information you have provided will be so beneficial and helped me advance the raw food journey by a year. It really would have taken me a year of study and food preparation courses to bring me up to speed and where I leave this retreat. Without doubt this will be one of many more retreats I will be attending.
Jodi K.

As an allopathic physician, I came to heal myself and also to learn about different approaches to health. Leisa did a great job of presenting thorough and balanced information about more holistic approaches to health and wellness, while respecting my professional background as well. This sort of collaboration is the way of the future and very important.
Christina F.

Byron Bay, NSW – March 2011

After the whirlwind tour across Australia & Bali with David Wolfe, it was a pleasure to be able to switch back a gear and enjoy a beautiful retreat with a lovely group of people at Tallow Beach Houses at Byron Bay. The weather didn’t quite co-operate with our visions of lying on the beach under a gentle autumn sun every day, but we had a great time, and the sun teased us here and there with a day of warmth for us to enjoy. This amazing group embraced everything! From juices to Kundalini Yoga; from colonics to sound healing, from Ka’Huna massage to sauna’s – if it was there, we did it!


Meeting Leisa is like meeting an old friend – her warmth, humility, passion and life experiences are phenomenal! To have the opportunity to partake in that wealth of knowledge is a privilege. I gained so much from this retreat and would recommend it to anybody. It absolutely exceeded my expectations and I look forward to putting into practice all that I have learnt! Thank you Leisa and team.
Lynne D. North-West NSW

This is my first detox retreat experience and it won’t be my last! It has been an empowering time in many aspects. The knowledge I have gained and confirmed will keep me on the path of good health for life. I will always remember this time and how great I’m beginning to feel and look, to keep inspired. Thank you Leisa and team, I really wish that we cross paths again. P.S. Be kind to your colon!
Karlie W. Sydney

The energy of Leisa and everyone working with her (including massage, yoga, colonics and chefs) is euphoric, yet grounded. The live their passion and it rubs off onto you. In such a loving, supportive environment the retreat is educational, transformative, healing and a lot of fun. Thanks for putting it all together Leisa, Huge Hugs!
Monika I. Sydney

It’s hard to put into words what this week was like. The retreat was well organised, highly informative, relaxing and fun! But besides this, what I took away from the week will profoundly change my outlook on food, and the world around me. Leisa, you are an amazing and very inspiring women and I feel lucky to have had the pleasure of attending your retreat. I will be coming again. Thank you!
Sam. Brisbane

I feel like I have reconnected with my inner soul and awakened every cell in my body. I am truly blessed for being able to attend this retreat. I feel whole again. Thank you for everything Leisa.
Trish C. Sunshine Coast

Leisa took away all our worries for the whole week’s retreat. Every detail was catered for. We were provided with delicious raw food, out of this world yoga, the best massage ever, detox and cleansing at very professional levels and of course Leisa’s abundance of nutritional up-to-date knowledge – things I will be presenting to my doctor when I get home. Leisa ran the retreat always with such calmness and gratitude and it was a pleasure to have her beautiful spirit with us each day. I will treasure my week at beautiful Byron Bay nurturing myself with a great bunch of like-minded people and connecting back with our roots. I thoroughly recommend Leisa’s retreats and I will be adding to my goal list to do one on a regular basis – this is truly a week where you can nourish you mind, body and spirit.
Linda M. Sydney

When I first arrived I thought ‘I am just here for a detox, I’m not all that interested in going down the path of a raw food diet in my daily life.’ However, since tasting the amazing food created by Julie, Janne and Dorothy, and the compelling information supplied by lovely Leisa, I will incorporate elements, buy a dehydrator and get on track supplying my family nutrient packed food, snacks, desserts (OMG!) and meals. Thank you so much Leisa for creating such a wonderfully supportive environment – I cannot fault it (except for the Blue Bottle sting, but hey that was a lesson in itself!).
Sharne F. Sydney

If you are tired, fatigued and the doctor has no real honest answer or solution to assist you other than another toxic prescription to your already tired body and mind, then do yourself a favour and simply pick your retreat destination and book in. The money you invest in your health today will save you many dollars in the future. This investment will not only enlighten you and change your lifestyle forever but will also be of benefit to your whole family. If you have a chronic illness make sure you come as you will be glad you did. You are investing in yourself, your health, both mind, body and spirit! Thanks to everyone at the retreat, it was amazing and I will be back to further this wonderful journey!
Kathy K. Tasmania

Sunshine Coast, QLD – January 2011

What a great way to start the year! A fantastic group of people came together for the first retreat of the season, but it was tinged with sadness, as this was our last retreat at Nirvana Luxor resort. The resort has been sold and is being turned into permanent apartments, so we won’t be running any more retreat there – and will be searching for a new venue! There are many wonderful words that I could use to describe this group – but I think the words “Goddess” “moonlight” “ocean” and “naked” say it all!

I’m so pleased I made the decision to give myself this gift of learning the incredible ways that raw food enables our bodies to function as they were originally designed – to self heal. Leisa radiates with an abundance of knowledge and is charitable in conveying her personal experiences and in allowing time throughout the retreat to answer individual’s questions.

I’m new to detoxing and after experiencing the three days of juice fasting was pleasantly surprised to not feel hungry or deprived of food. The smoothies and juices were delicious and so easy to prepare. Jo’s meal demonstration classes introduced great techniques and proved that the dishes not only can taste good but look great. I love to entertain and can’t wait to have friends around to a gourmet raw meal that will knock their socks off, especially after devouring the delicious cheesecake desserts and learning that they just enjoyed a raw meal!

Best of all were Leisa’s lectures where she radiates with an abundance of knowledge as a naturopath, but also in the emotional aspects of healing. We all also appreciated her generosity in conveying her personal experiences and in allowing time throughout the retreat to answer individual’s questions.

The experience has shown me that my body has so easily and quickly converted to wanting raw food – the old cravings are no longer there. I’m now wanting less food and amazed at this result from just 5 days of detoxing at the retreat.

I am so grateful for meeting a wonderful group of supportive people attending the retreat and for the enjoyable moments we shared together in the lectures, conversations, meal times, walks, yoga, swimming and saunas. And, not to forget, Darby’s healing Ka-Huna massage which helped release deeper underlying emotions I still had after the recent passing of my husband.

It has been a beautiful experience and has energised me further to embrace my new life. Thank you ‘lovely’ Leisa and your wonderful team.
Deborah P. Brisbane

My experiences of Embracing Life! Has truly been phenomenal! I came here to try and help my IBS and digesting issues (which I’ve had for years and have tried every conventional way under the sun!) and in turn (with a few emotional issues) has caused depression/anxiety and extreme fatigue.

I was sleeping at least 14 hours, if life would allow me to, and constantly struggled to get through the day.

From my time at Embracing Life! Retreat I have been thoroughly educated in how to properly look after my body through food and emotional healing. The changes you feel within yourself and the vibrant energy you gain over the week is life changing! I have been wanting to get out of the bed in the morning and I feel vibrant and awake! And going for walks or a swim on the beach doesn’t feel like a chore anymore. By being good to my body, my body is being good to me! Thank you Leisa for giving me the opportunity to be able to come to such an amazing retreat. You and your team have been a vital and huge part of my journey.
Laura H. Adelaide

I came to the retreat with Embracing Life without expectation – I had done a Google search and looked at maybe 6 or 7 options but this program seemed to have the right combination of things that I was looking for and it was the exact amount of money I wanted to spend.

Now I leave after having an amazing week of beautiful juice and food and I mean beautiful! And I feel inspired with all the knowledge that Leisa and her gorgeous team shared. This retreat was way above anything I could have hoped for and I met such other lovely health travellers of all ages and walks of life. Without hesitation I would recommend this to anyone seeking change to their way of looking at food, health and healing, you will not be disappointed.
Anna L. Sydney

I have been transitioning to a raw food diet for about 18 months now and this retreat has helped me to take the final steps, to obtain my life style choice of mostly a ‘raw’ food diet. It not only provided me with a vast amount of information but also the motivation to take those final steps. Many thanks to Leisa and Jo.
Donna D. Adelaide

Nancy and I had a wonderful week away in a beautiful location with beautiful people. The lectures were very informative and detailed which kept us both interested and entertained. Leisa is not only a wealth of relevant information relating to all areas embracing health, but someone who is down to earth and speaks from the heart.

Thanks also to Jo for her yoga and good preparation demonstrations as well as Darby who gives fantastic massages.

The venue lent itself to the retreat and it was really good to have the sauna available 24/7. We really recommend this retreat to anybody thinking about improving their overall health and well-being.
Paul W. Brisbane

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