Retreat Testimonials 2008

Uki, NSW – November 2008

There are not many words to describe the experience we shared at this Embracing Life! Retreat at Uki just over the border of NSW. It was a very special retreat, and whether that was due to being nestled in the rainforest at the foot of Mt. Warning, or due to the deep and heartfelt connection of the people who attended – it was an experience that I know touched us all and left us with a greater appreciation of life.

Although it sounds quite cliche, I am humbled and in awe of the beautiful souls who came together to share this space and open their hearts. It was transforming, life-changing and also a great deal of fun! Thanks to everyone who gifted me with their testimonials below:


A wonderful experience for my first healthy food retreat. The food was great and tasted wonderful and is so easy to prepare. Doing the three day fast (juice only) was a bit daunting, but by the end of the third day I had nothing to worry about. A very gentle fast with great results and I felt much better afterwards. The people on the retreat were absolutely marvelous and with their information and Leisa’s knowledge you wouldn’t need a pharmaceutical pill ever again!
Rudy A, Sunshine Coast, QLD

This very special retreat exceeded my expectations on all accounts. The venue was peaceful and although there were minor issues with the accommodation, the rooms were comfortable and clean. The detox was gentle and the staff fully supportive and caring. The food and juices were of exceptional quality and variety.

Leisa ensured that the atmosphere was conducive to an enriching and life changing experience. The lectures were concise, well prepared and most importantly backed up by evidence. The balance between activities and free time to either rest or use the pool, sauna, steam room and spa was perfect with no pressure to participate if chosen. I had done a detox residential previously, but the way Leisa organised the six days was truly holistic in its approach and perfect to attain my desired results.

The participants of this retreat were all amazing people and everyone joined in and supported each other without any “cliques” forming, although we all came from various stages of knowledge, health, and walks of life. An annual event for my husband and I. Same time, same place next year! Namaste
Liz A, Sunshine Coast, QLD

I came here to just BE!

I learned!
I loved!
I laughed!

A lot.
Christine S, Melbourne, VIC

I had been looking at several health retreats, as I felt the need to have a break from being a wife and mother and just be “me” for a while, when an e-mail arrived from Leisa telling us about the retreats she was now holding. As I had met Leisa in 2005 and found her to be very warm and caring, I jumped at the chance. Going away on my own for the first time was a little scary for me, but my fears were soon put to rest as I could not have asked for a more friendly group of people to be with, and the venue was lovely.

The knowledge that Leisa has with regard to health and well-being is truly amazing and her lectures very interesting and informative. The support through the week was wonderful and when we did finally eat food after the detox, it was fabulous.

I found this week to be one of the best things I have ever done and I look forward to doing it again in the future. I would highly recommend Embracing Life! Retreats to everyone.
Vicki D, Melbourne, VIC

This is my first retreat detox and I am amazed at the wealth of knowledge I have learnt , the amazing raw food I have eaten and the lovely like-minded people I have met. Congratulations Leisa, I’m so happy I met you.
Rhonda K, Tweed Heads, NSW

Even though I have done other detoxification programs, I still found this an extremely valuable and enjoyable learning experience. Leisa is such an inspiring person and so passionate about health that one feels motivated to make changes in ones lifestyle and eating habits. The juices and food are so delicious and easy to make. Information on the Green Smoothie Challenge; that one can go on the website, obtain recipes etc, just the idea of commitment to doing this is so good, so easy and this information can be given to family and friends. The staff at the retreat are all such beautiful, knowledgeable informed people and the other participants so enthused and friendly that the experience is a positive, supportive one. I can wholeheartedly recommend this retreat. Thank you Leisa & staff.
Judy P, Adelaide, SA

I am so grateful to my family for giving me this time, and I really loved it and in return, learned a lot so I can nurture them with everything I experienced. Thank you all for your love and support. Oh! Wisdom and healing.
Fran H, Tweed Heads, NSW

I thought my lifestyle was healthy and balanced until spending a week with Leisa at the Embracing Life! Retreat at Uki. I have been inspired, motivated and educated to eat more raw foods. Her attention to detail was impeccable and I have come away feeling nurtured and energised. My experience here has been life changing!! Anyone wishing to improve mind, body and spirit can not afford to miss her next retreat. I will be back next year!
Sue P, Sydney, NSW

I came to the retreat knowing that I was to be here, I had NO questions about that. I was in need of time out on all levels of my being. No physical illness, but I didn’t want to wait for one occur. Prevention is better than cure!! As we all know!

The retreat fulfilled every aspect. There was time alone to reconnect and find myself. There was knowledge, time with the group, lectures and discussions. The physical body was rested, cleansed, nurtured, sunned, pampered and fed wonderful raw food.

Friendships were made from very old friends from another time. A place where you could be with like-minded souls, sometimes that is rare.

The whole package is just fantastic! Life changing on many, many levels. Thank you again for creating this space, I was truly honoured to be here! Much love,
Mandy T, Sydney, NSW

I don’t want anyone to know about the great experience I had at the Embracing Life! Retreat….
I don’t want to write this…
I really don’t want to write this…

I want to send my terminally ill friend to the next retreat
I want to send my totally exhausted friend to the next retreat
I want to send the friend who has just maybe survived cancer to the next retreat
AND I want to come myself.

So that’s 4 places. Then I know that the other beautiful women and men I have spent this last week with are also going to want to send ones they love and want to help.

There is just no room for the throng that will arrive when word gets out about Leisa and the life changing information she has to impart!

Leisa – you need to take an apprentice on now!
Cheryl P, Sydney, NSW

Thanks Embracing Life! Girls, I had a very relaxing, happy week. Learnt heaps!
Julie M, Tweed Heads, NSW

UPC statue

Yanchep, WA – October 2008

Travelling across the continent to WA! It was a pleasure to meet so many new people and to also meet those that I had only spoken to over the phone. A wonderful group of people to spend a week with!

The return on my investment (ROI) exceeded my expectations. I came to the retreat looking for an “instant fix” to my health issues and instead rediscovered my passion and purpose. The challenge now will be to keep the momentum. The way is so much clearer now the fog has lifted. A lot more work to do but I have cleansed the physical body and kick-started a healthier lifestyle and topped up the emotional tank along the way. Leisa and her team live the healthy life. An empowering, life changing experience that has raised the bar in so many ways. Well done ladies.
Toni B, WA

A big thank you to the organisers for making me feel very at home. This retreat has given me such great information to take away with me to embark on such a healthier and better way of life. Not only good nutrition have I learnt, I have taken a good look at changes I also need to make in my life, with the people around me, my job and even myself. A great life changing experience for me. Thanks Leisa for being you, and I thank God I found you xxxxx
Karen C, WA

The Embracing Life! Retreat has motivated me to do some deep soul searching. On reflection, I find it is easy to neglect myself in the “busy buzz” of everyday living. This inspirational retreat has got me back on track to healthy eating and to take some time out for self nurturing – me time. Thanks so much to Leisa and The Team.
Helen R, WA

A big thank you to Leisa and ALL of her team! The wonderful and empowering information and experience has been inspiring and stimulating. Retreats like this should be a part of every busy woman’s life. I go home rested and renewed and in just 6 days the pain has gone from my hands and arms. Please come back to WA!

P.S. Another thank you for making the retreat affordable so that it is within the reach of a greater number of people who need this essential understanding of a better and healthier way to live. Hopefully one day the greater numbers of people who choose to live well and care for the environment will sway the medics and politicians globally to stop leading us “up the garden path”
Elle R, WA

For me to be able to come away lighter in weight, clearer in body and soul with the tools to bring this lifestyle into my home and life is a blessing. Thank you to all the wonderful staff and to Leisa – well done for following your dream!
Cheryl E, WA

The wonderful knowledge and insight gained has been amazing. I wish I had this experience 30 years ago before I raised a family! What a head-start in nutrition information I would have had. Hooray for Raw! + Wow! For Superfoods.

“I’M NEVER GOING TO COOK ANOTHER MEAL AGAIN” isn’t a threat now! It’s a healthy sounding promise. I never need “slog” over the stove again! I never knew a “gourmet three course raw meal” was so delicious. I’m changing my ‘title’ from Cook to “Gourmet Fresh Food Designer”.
Rhoda V, WA

A well balanced, highly informative and very enjoyable retreat. I am so glad I attended and feel I received excellent value for my investment of time and money! I highly recommend this retreat, congratulations Leisa.
Dr. Bernie V, WA

I liked Leisa’s presentation style / knowledge and the quantity and quality of the information given to the participants. I thought Trudy / Kate / Maggie did a great job of supporting Leisa to make the retreat so successful.
Martina G, WA

Thank you very much for the really wonderful experience I has at the Yanchep Retreat. I had a terrific time and came away with a lot of very useful information and am enthusiastic to continue the healthy habits I was introduced to during the week. I found the content of the lectures to be very interesting and the timetable well balanced. All in all, I had a bloody great time!
Michelle J, WA

I loved the whole experience, the nice peaceful environment, enjoyed the views from our chalet and especially the feeling that we were the only occupants there. We kind of had everything for ourselves – you hardly saw other people there. For me a retreat like this is not about luxury but peace and quiet and a natural environment – and we had all of that!

The team was great! I always felt well looked after and everyone was so knowledgeable even the “kitchen aids”.

The detox program was great! You were including every little bit of our bodies. Of course I’m still on a raw diet and I’m feeling really good and energetic! I really thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, thanks for everything Leisa, it was really nice to meet you in person.
Adriana B, WA

I just wanted to say, the retreat was (I cannot even find a word to tell you how I felt about it), – I did not want it to end so soon. I hope that I can get to another one. Take care of yourself and best of success in everything you do.
Lyndsay W, WA

This was my first retreat so I had nothing to compare it to, but I have to say it was absolutely fantastic! I learned so much; not just from the lectures, but from the whole fasting / raw food, detoxing experience as well as the little tidbits of information that you gain from the group discussions and from chatting to the other “retreatees”.
Cathy B, WA

Sunshine Coast, QLD – September 2008

Here are some of the testimonials from the amazing people who enjoyed an Embracing Life! Retreat on the Sunshine Coast of QLD. Thanks to everyone for your positive and valued feedback!


Thank you Leisa for a truly wonderful week of health and knowledge. The week has been a fascinating journey. When I arrived I was full of aches and pains as well as being tired and rundown due to my hectic lifestyle. I have come from feeling like I could not get out of bed in the morning to jumping out of bed to have a jog (something I have not done for many years). Not only do I feel absolutely fantastic, I have skills and knowledge to take with me to enhance my life from here on in. I am very grateful to you and your wonderful caring team for the work, knowledge, effort and patience you have given all of us this week. Your attention to detail from the goodie bags on arrival to the hand-outs and lists of resources is truly appreciated. Thank you Leisa, Trudy, Trish and Annie.
With love from Jo P, Brisbane

It was great to take time out and do the six day detox program with Leisa at the Embracing Life! Retreat. It wasn’t arduous at all, as the juices were delicious and sustaining and the raw food tasty and well presented. There were many little touches that showed thought and attention to detail. I feel re-invigorated with fresh enthusiasm to incorporate the raw food style of living into my families life. I heartily recommend this program to anyone interesting true “health insurance”. Apart from not having colonics, I think the program was well rounded and complete.
Helen P, Melbourne

“Lowest stress, most enjoyable detox ever. Got lots of great info to take home.”
Tom C, Gold Coast

“Thank you! I have learnt heaps of information to use at home. Impressed with the retreat and appreciate how much effort has been put in. Feel great!”
Amanda O, Rockhampton

The experience of being one of the first people in the first group to experience the first Embracing Life! Retreat, I feel truly grateful. Leisa Wheeler and her team are sensational. My life is more positive and I feel very healthy. Also I have gained so much more knowledge. Thank you Leisa, you are very special.
Pauline S, Newcastle

Leisa and her team have created an amazing space where I felt totally relaxed and nurtured. Having experienced detox retreats during my path to healing and well being, Embracing Life! Retreat certainly delivered, and surpassed all my expectations! Leisa’s attention to detail fulfilled my hearts desires while detoxing – wonderful massages, concise and understandable lectures, delicious organic juices, rainbow coloured raw food meals, far infra-red sauna’s were re-energising, energetic morning walks, serene and calming yoga, wonderful discussions with like-minded souls. I would absolutely recommend the Embracing Life! Retreat to anyone interested in radiant, vibrant health!
Deborah L, Sydney

Leisa, you covered everything you promised and more. Your team was excellent, your knowledge is amazing. Thank you for helping me in life and guiding me in this crazy world. Can’t wait for the next one! God Bless.

Love and Light
Christine G, Melbourne

Leisa went to such attention to detail with the little touches – e.g. organic soap, skin brushes, journal, face mask etc. the food was superb – no expense spared as far as organic fruit and vegetables – taste was superior. The talks were very informative and interesting – Leisa is very knowledgeable. Also Trish, Trudy and Annie were excellent. I enjoyed this retreat very much.
Julie F, Gold Coast

If you have health problems, are just not feeling good or just want to pick yourself up, then this program is what you need. After six days I feel fantastic, full of energy and vitality. A major plus is having Leisa presenting the health information of which she is extremely knowledgeable. Great job Leisa!
Walter W, Byron Bay

“This was a very positive informative and empowering retreat. I am leaving feeling so much healthier and will take with me many helpful ideas to make valuable changes to my life.”
Pauline W, Byron Bay

As a 20 year old it was great for me to learn more about the importance of food and nutrition, I feel that now I can attempt to implement this way of life and slowly integrate it into my daily routine. Even if I do not stick to it completely at first, I feel that I have layed down the foundation for my future health. I learnt so much about the importance of live nutrition and quality, it really opened my eyes to see the true injustices we force our planet to live through every day (and in turn the disregard we hold for the value of life) The DVD’s were amazing and 100% effective in demonstrating the true messages behind the importance of food and its magical qualities. The food at the retreat was amazing and showed me things I never thought possible with just the raw ingredients of our planet. Thanks so much to Leisa and her team of Raw Super Hero’s!
Vanessa C, Sydney

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