Retreat Testimonials

Byron Bay – September 2015

Byron Bay worked it’s magic again as an incredible group came together for a beautiful process of introspection, growth and healing. The breakthroughs during this retreat have been quite miraculous to behold – life-changing shifts are happening daily as insights flow into awareness and break old patterns and stories. The space myself and the team hold to allow a safe process toward healing is weaving it’s magic, as we are all touched by the simple grace of sharing our stories and opening to new possibilities. Healing is happening, and it is delightful!

I’m worried I don’t know enough words to describe the extraordinary experience I’ve had this week. Leisa’s program not only teaches you about the mind and the importance of peace and laughter in your life as well. It’s a gorgeous holistic experience! I came to the retreat quite sick with a flu, a sinus infection, a tummy bug, a rash and a sty (something was really trying to escape my body!) and by day three most of that had cleared up. I felt absolutely amazing by the end of the week and fully empowered to incorporate healthy changes in my life when I go home!

Leisa is so knowledgeable and whilst I’ve been reading about health and diet etc for years, I learned more and more every day. This retreat is truly magnificent and I would recommend it to everyone. You will absolutely love it!
Leona M. QLD

After many years of ill health, a myriad of diagnoses under my belt, an eating disorder of two decades, and feeling very helpless and hopeless, my body and soul were SCREAMING out for change. I was recommended the retreat by a lady passionate about raw food and vitality, and instinctively knew this was exactly what I needed.

My main priority for coming was to stop the chaos I was putting my body through. I WANT to be healthy, vibrant, nurturing of my body. But this was not just about food. Leisa has put together a retreat to nurture body, mind and soul. The information has been incredible and invaluable, and the food was to die for.

I have a long way to go in my personal healing journey, but thanks to Leisa I have taken some of the best baby-steps forward of my life.
Michelle K. NSW

This is the third Embracing Health retreat I have had the privilege to attend. I recommend a retreat with Leisa without reservation. If you want to embrace a totally healing and nurturing experience you will get that at one of these retreats. Leisa surrounds herself with equally wonderful and unique people who make these retreats a truly uplifting experience.
Jill B. ACT

Fantastic experience, fabulous food, great information, excellent massages!
Syd T. VIC

The care, the food, the love, the massages, the talks with Leisa’s extensive knowledge and ability to communicate about health and nutrition – awesome!
Ona H. VIC


Ubud, Bali – July 2015

Despite volcanic ash clouds, flight disruptions, cancellations left and right, we still managed to have an incredible retreat in July 2015 with an amazing group of ladies at the beautiful Kori Ubud resort. It was a lovely, intimate retreat and a great opportunity to share our stories and grow and learn from each other. A wonderful time was had by all and it turned out to be a very special event (including the visit to the giant tree!). We didn’t have any brave souls keen to do a video testimonial for this retreat, but there are some fantastic written testimonials below :-)

I’ve made a promise to myself to attend one of Leisa’s retreats every year. Not only does it give me a chance to adjust my health, but to meet some amazing people in the group of guests. It’s an amazing time – so much knowledge, fun and relaxation all in one! This is the best gift anyone could ever give themselves. I want to bring everyone I love here!
Cheryl P. NSW

Going on a detox retreat has been on my dreams list for a long, long time and I finally chose to do this Embracing Health Retreat in Bali. Surrounded by the beauty of Bali, the abundance of fruit, juices and treatments, combined with the love and support of a fantastic group of people, I am going home feeling vibrant, rested and with a renewed purpose in life. This would not have been possible without the ever-patient, caring and wisdom that Leisa gave to everyone of us. I am forever grateful.
Evelyn Y. WA

What a fabulous “Health Retreat” this was. Due to volcanic ash the numbers were diminished making for an unlikely group of “say” 12 strangers becoming wonderful soul mates on a journey together. Leisa Wheeler proved to be an astonishing brilliant young woman with many years experience in the natural health industry. Her wisdom & wealth of knowledge belies her age! She is also a very beautiful spiritual soul who genuinely cares about the planet & everyone’s health & well-being. She is in there with you all the way … not once did I feel uncomfortable.

I felt I desperately needed a “spring clean” emotionally, mentally & physically (both internally & externally). Somehow I have returned home feeling I received all the above plus so much more. The “Wheeler Team” are excellent world class professionals. Thank you Leisa I had a memorable time that will stay with me forever. You are such a valuable person in this industry please do not ever ever retire or change track.

Sincerely & with the very best wishes to you & your loved ones
Gay M. WA

Having already been on a retreat in Busselton a few years ago, I was really looking forward to having a good time, drinking healthy juices and eating yummy food, having someone else prepare it for me (thank you Andrea), and taking in lots of health information with like-minded people. This retreat far exceeded what I was hoping for. I was nervous about leaving the country on my own. It turned out there was another attendee on the same flight and Leisa put us in touch. This certainly eased my worry. I now have the confidence to go again on my own, I certainly will go again, Bali is only 3.5 hours from Perth!

Leisa has a wealth of knowledge to share and so much compassion for everybody. Leisa thinks of everything. All the other people attending the retreat were amazing people. We had so much fun and laughter along with our new knowledge. To those who pulled out at the last minute because of the volcanic ash, my flights were both on time and you missed a truly amazing experience. You should’ve had faith! I’m still buzzing with health and happiness!
Chele. F WA



Byron Bay – March 2015

The March 2015 retreat at Byron Bay was a fantastic experience, with a lovely group of guests coming together to share five days of juice fasting, and a little musical love :-) At the end of the retreat a song was created about the Embracing Health Retreats!!! So much fun! Thanks to everyone who participated in the creation of this very cool piece :-)


(Sung to the tune of ‘Country Roads’ by John Denver)

All those juices, pills and potions,
Scrubbing, saunas, swimming in the ocean.
Life is good here, don’t have to cook and clean,
No-one making demands on me,
I must be in a dream.

Embracing Health, make me well,
Make me clean, inside and out,
So I’m not tired, stressed and burnt out,
Make me well, Embracing Health.

Just come from my colonic, heading to my massage,
Paulie and Sam will treat you well
They’re masters of their craft.
Can’t seem to get things moving, Rhi’ll save the day,
She has pills for everything, to make it go away.

Embracing Health, make me well,
Help me heal, so I’m free,
To live my life with energy,
Thank you Leisa, for making this be!

Juice fast is over, time for us to eat,
Incredible, inspiring food,
All of it without meat!
Andrea is next to none, man! Her kitchen rules,
Served with Grace by lovely Kate,
Raw Food is not for fools!

Embracing Health, make me well,
Help me heal, help me live
A life that’s full of energy,
Peace and love, tranquility.
Peace and love, tranquility.

Thanks Leisa for a great week, you really do an amazing job, and have set up a fabulous team around you!

Michelle M, QLD

My experience surprised me. I knew there was pain/clutter and health issues I wanted to shift and address, but I came in only expecting to gain insight into health with regular lectures. Everything I could have wanted to move and change, has. The healing power of Byron Bay and Leisa’s so very well crafted retreat, has tackled the biggest burdens I carry daily and did carry daily. My healing has happened so naturally and nurtured here with all the amazing souls I have encountered. They are not staff, they are friends you can trust with the tools, if you let them, to change your life. Forever thankful.
Elli S, NSW

When I got to the retreat I took a selfie on the first night. I then took another selfie after all the nourishing and cleansing juices we had over the first five days. The photo said it all. I went from a dodgy yellow tinge to a healthy glow, skin improved, and clear eyes. I feel fabulous. Thanks Leisa and her wonderful team xxxx
Vicki K, NSW

I have written testimonials after earlier retreats – what I said then still stands. The Embracing Health Retreat is far more than the term ‘retreat’ suggests. It is a major healing experience, beautifully structured so that each day brings new insights and learning. It is unpretentious, super friendly and filled with love, generosity and encouragement. Support is always there, whether in the form of skilled naturopaths or just a shoulder to cry on. This is a retreat for everybody.
Rosie W, NSW

Leisa is a wealth of information and I love her enthusiasm and passion for her life, eating wholefoods, and her detox retreats. This detox retreat is so much more than I ever anticipated, packed full of wonderful experiences and the juicing was easy – believe it or not! The whole team are fabulous. I can’t recommend this Detox Retreat and Leisa enough.
Robyn C, VIC.

We all need to take this step and the rewards are many both in well-being and in spirit. I was lucky to have my two adult children along so it was great to have us all together. Good for them – good for me!
Jan S, NSW

What I gained from the retreat was:

C – Cleaning colonics
L – Laughter and lightness
A – Amazing support
R – Raw food in abundance
I – Incredible massages
T – Truly delicious flavours
Y   – Yummy juices (most of the time!).

The support and guidance you receive on this retreat is amazing. Leisa and her team are always available to answer questions, no matter how big or small. The lectures inspire you to take control of your health and make positive changes, one step at a time. It is a very healing environment with the beautiful ocean at your doorstep, I couldn’t wish for anything more.
Janelle H, QLD

Bravo Leisa on another wonderful retreat! You have made such a difference to my life and I am so grateful. The experience you offer is truly unique and the team you have brought together will having me coming back again and again. Your knowledge is ground breaking and I feel truly blessed to know you,
Annalisa S, NSW

Great staff – I felt very supported throughout my detox experience. Loved the massages. Such a different experience for me and something I will take with me on my new journey.
Rosemarie H, WA

This retreat has exceeded any expectations I had. Plus, I cannot believe how far I have come in areas that I didn’t even intend to be a part of my experience at the retreat. I have gained so much knowledge that is easy to understand and more importantly, go home with and apply to my everyday life. Thank you Leisa and team for my amazing time xx
Stevie N, VIC

I will recommend this detox and educational retreat to everyone. I will try and talk my partner to go! I feel grateful and thankful to Leisa and her colleagues for producing such a wonderful experience for myself and all who attended. I met some wonderful people!
Kelly T, QLD

Byron Bay – November 2014

I came to the retreat exhausted, no passion towards life – I lost my mother 5 months ago as well – I was also very bloated in the stomach area, I’m a very low confident, low self-esteem person as well. After 6 days with the Embracing Health detox and healing team I can now go home with a lighter attitude towards life. I feel now I can grieve healthfully, and know that there are better, healthier options out there to cure illness. I’m very excited to go home and share all the information with my gorgeous family and implement raw food and juices in our home. I actually feel more alive that I have in the past 10 months. I’m so excited!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Leisa and the team at Embracing Health!
Cherie C. QLD

Embracing Life! is exactly what you feel after doing the detox plan. I would like one every year (something to work towards)! Keep up the good work.
Julia S. QLD

I’d love everyone to realise how simple it is to go RAW. This retreat is my third, I have committed myself to a life of health and a keen sense to learn how to stay that way. Leisa and her team offer a wealth of support and information that inspires me to keep going. I love their attitude – that we heal when we are tuned in to ourselves, and it is each person’s potential to heal themselves. Bringing attention to a simple, clean, vibrant, easy, happy eating and feeling lifestyle is the answer for me!! A great sense of freedom!
Susan D. QLD

This is my second retreat with Leisa. I am looking forward to my third already! The retreat gives you the space to cleanse your body, clear your mind and nurture your soul. A great experience!!
Kate R. NSW

The Embracing Health retreat delivered so much more than I expected. The course content was comprehensive and I was so impressed with Leisa’s depth of knowledge and lovely manner! I also learnt so much from the other participants – an inspiring lot at varying stages in their health journey. I am now confident and excited to move forward in bringing raw veganism into my life. Thanks guys!!
Deborah L. NSW

Prepare yourself to be completely transformed. An opportunity to reconnect with yourself, take your health and well-being to a new level and detox in a very well supported environment. Leisa is a gifted teacher with a wealth of knowledge about how to heal our bodies. This is the place to go if you want to deepen your connection with yourself, others and the world. Absolutely divine!!!
Peta J. NSW

From the beautiful food, the people and the staff, the experience was amazing. Leisa and her staff were amazing and looked after my individual needs and made the whole experience much more enjoyable. The experience has motivated me more to incorporate more elements in my daily life and am looking forward to my continuing journey in health and well-being. I will definitely be back!!
Chantelle C. QLD

A beautiful experience, it comes close to being the best week of my life. Uplifting physically and emotionally!
Michelle P. NSW

Thanks everyone for such a great experience again. It was so great to have the continual support from everyone, and the connections made with people has been priceless. Definitely worth coming a second time and I’d be sure to com a third!!
Nadia K. SA

I decided to come to Embracing Health retreat for a week of total relaxation and time out for myself. With my busy life I never take time out for myself, I am always putting other people first. This week at the retreat has been a wonderful experience meeting fantastic people. Leisa’s wealth of knowledge has been fantastic and I have come away with lots of new information. I would like to thank Leisa and her staff for a wonderful week.
Darren S. QLD

This retreat was amazing. The package that Leisa has put together addresses all elements of a health detox. Every component is fine-tuned to address and support every individual as they progress through their detox/cleanse journey. Awesome!!
Colleen B. QLD

We have been on a journey of changing our health for a while and the retreat, I thought, was a good chance to have a juice fast without the hassle of doing all the work. The most enjoyable surprise was the extra I received that I was not expecting. The support from the staff was amazing. The information in the lectures from Leisa is invaluable, and the ability to have time to ask questions to back up what I had learnt through the years. The biggest surprise was to meet people we now call friends.
John H. QLD

The retreat was a lot more than a detox of the body. It was also a wonderful detox of my spiritual life, bringing me back to balance with myself and my soul. The juices and raw food were amazing and the massage was life changing. Thank you for all the love and care.
Julie H. QLD

I’ve been before – is there better feedback than that? Thank you Leisa and team for a retreat that surpassed my already high expectations xx
Trudy K. New Zealand

There’s only one thing to say (which doesn’t seem adequate enough!) and that is THANK YOU! I’ve had such a fabulous, informative week and am sure I’ll continue to practise the many beneficial aspects to improving my health and those around me.

Byron Bay – September 2014

This was a very nurturing space that allowed me to let go of everyday pressures of life in a safe space. There was plenty of time to spend in your own space and not feel pressured that you needed to participate in lectures or other activities. There was plenty of ‘me’ time. The surroundings were very peaceful. Thanking you for a great experience. I will definitely be taking away a lot of new ways of living and adding them to my toolbox of life. Thanks again.
Staci. VIC

As far as everything about the Retreat went, I was happy with it. The location of the Retreat is very good, being close to the beach. I have done four Retreats – this one was well managed and well organised. I had no difficulty doing the detox and felt very little as we went through the program and after the detox.
Alister. NZ

Embracing Health has changed my life. I was a disaster waiting to happen. Many difficult and stressful events had made my life almost unbearable. In a three year period I had put my aged mother into care, cleared out her home and become her power of attorney and guardian. My adult daughter developed serious mental and physical health issues, my sister was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer and died two years later in June 2013, she was 54 years old and 18 months older than me – we were very close. My work has been increasingly stressful and was contributing to my own deteriorating health. After my sister died I started looking for a retreat because I needed healing and I found Embracing Health. I couldn’t go on retreat then but started introducing raw food to my diet. I joined the Embracing Health Membership Club and read the newsletters and blogs, my world and health improved dramatically because of Embracing Health – I also lost 15kgs in twelve months. This retreat has been all I expected and more. I feel empowered to cope with my life stresses, heal my body and work through my grief.
Jan. TAS

This is my third Embracing Health Retreat. There is a reason I keep coming back, or should I say many reasons. Firstly, the staff are always exceptional. So caring and nurturing, and always supportive. The professional assistance you get while on the juice fast is amazing. Any symptoms you may be experiencing while detoxing is being supported by a naturopath to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible during this time. The raw food chefs are always very knowledgeable and creative. The lectures are fantastic and even though I have been before, I attend every lecture and I find out something new every time. My goal is to attend this retreat every year to revitalise my body, mind and soul. XXXX for the team!
Trish. QLD

This is my second retreat and I loved this as much as the first. Trudy and the team provided a wonderful nurturing environment for us to follow our own journey to health and enlightenment. This is such an amazing positive experience, I know I’ll be back. I highly recommend this to anyone, no matter where you are in your journey.
Katherine. VIC

I decided to attend the Embracing Health Detox Retreat in Byron Bay when I lost my Mum after supporting her through an 18 months battle with cancer. My health had gone on the back-burner during this time and I had developed a very unhealthy relationship with food (as comfort). I was also the heaviest I had ever been and not feeling great about myself.

From the earliest correspondence with the Embracing Health team, my expectations have been exceeded. I felt very supported and all contact was very professional but also felt quite personal. During the retreat, I felt very nurtured, but mostly safe, as I was in very capable, knowledgeable & caring hands. I also felt very much at home with the other retreatees who were quite like-minded and much sharing of experience and knowledge took place.

The retreat was extremely well organised and thorough during the juice fasting, then the amazing raw meals, massage, colonics, sauna, exercise, education and spiritual healing. There was just the right balance of organised activities/lectures and relaxation time. We also had very regular access to natural health professionals to answer any questions, resolve any concerns and offer advice. I will definitely recommend this retreat to anyone who is interested in their natural health, and particularly if they are looking to have a bit of “me” time.

Thank you to the wonderful staff who made my experience so meaningful, and to Leisa and her team for developing such an amazing retreat. I feel very strongly that I am on my road to a healthier and happier future. I’ll be seeing you again, for sure!
Amy F. VIC

This is my second time at Embracing Health Retreat Byron Bay. Once again I am feeling fully equipped both mentally and physically to return home. This for me is a reset button! Congratulations to all the staff on presenting an awesome retreat. It is a credit to you to have so many return guests.
Robyn. QLD


Bali - August 2014

On behalf of all of us here at the ‘2014 Bali Retreat’, we thank you all for your care, support, guidance and shared knowledge throughout the last ten days. Nobody’s hard work went un-noticed (especially) behind the scenes, and all your efforts are greatly appreciated. It has been an amazing, transformational life experience and the knowledge and information we have acquired has prepared us for our spiritual and physical journey towards good health, peace and inner happiness.

Love and best wishes to you all xxxxx
From the 2014 August Bali Group

Thank you so much to everyone involved in this retreat. It has truly been a life changing experience for me. To be able to take time out from my normal hectic life with young children was such a blessing. Not having to prepare one meal for nine days – or clean up a meal – was beautiful. Trudy’s calm and informative nature was wonderful. Rhianna’s knowledge was great and Andrea’s happy smile and (mostly!) fabulous drinks and foods were inspiring and uplifting. I will recommend this retreat to all of my friends and clients. Bali was mind-blowingly beautiful. Thank you Leisa for a wonderful, restful, relaxing and rejuvenating retreat.
Sarah H. Brisbane, QLD

A wonderful gift of knowledge to myself that I can incorporate into my life.
Dania N. Sydney, NSW

My experience at the Embracing Health Retreat was one of the most profound life changing experiences in my life. It was a spiritual as well as physical journey with amazing mentors who continually supported, guided and shared their remarkable knowledge and wisdom endlessly with each and every one of us.

I recommend this retreat to everyone. It can only change your life in the most positive way. Not only do you learn and understand about good food, nutrition and hoe it ‘can’ heal your body, but also how much clarity and inner happiness you can feel when y9ou take the time out to care and nurture your body and how much it can reward you if you do. You don’t know how much inner and outer strength you have until you have experienced an Embracing Health Retreat.
Stav. D. Adelaide, SA

A thoughtfully put together retreat, presented by wonderful people. Highly recommended.
Sonia H. Brisbane, QLD

Thank you for your guidance through a life-changing journey, it has made a clear path for my way to a healthy life.
Jocelyn C. Perth, WA

The retreat provided an environment that felt safe and relaxing to detox. Detoxing is something I don’t do. I have done this once before with Embracing Health, in Bali, three years ago. Both retreats were fantastic and a great environment to detox. Especially for me as I would have no idea about detoxing at home, but with what I have learnt and the written information I received, I would be confident to do a three to five day detox at home.

The other activities included to assist with detoxing were also very beneficial. I will be leaving the retreat with some fantastic information on creating a better, healthier and spiritual life for myself and my family. Thank you to the fantastic Embracing Health Team xxxxxx
Janine H. Sydney, NSW

Byron Bay – March 2014

Leisa you’re a world of knowledge, your wisdom shines through your eyes and soul. You are so passionate about health, well-being and life itself. It really does come through in all the lectures and in the whole retreat. I didn’t know I could feel so good after doing 5 days of just juices and supplements. I lead a very healthy life and now I have new ideas I will incorporate in my everyday living. Embracing Life Retreat is much more than a detox retreat. It has transformed my LIFE!! Thank you Leisa and team. I’M IN BLISS!!
Griselda N. SA

A transformational week of subtle changes both physically and emotionally.  The supportive team were fantastic, it was a great program and I am excited to put my learnings into practice!  Thank you!
Kim O. WA

This is my third retreat with Leisa and again was not disappointed. The program is so well organised and run professionally. Leisa is amazing with her organisational skills, but don’t know any word to describe her depth of knowledge. As she shares her knowledge, passion for what she does, she is thorough as well. Personally I am again leaving a retreat feeling revived and refreshed, physically and mentally. Empowered with old and new knowledge and am ready tp go home and power on with life. I will be back for Retreat #4!
Marina B. WA

Wow!! What a journey these past 8 night have been!! There are so many things that I have discovered and learned along the way!! Leisa is one incredible lady who I admire so much. Her passion and love for what she does really shines through with her lectures, talks and guidance. All the stuff was amazing and I really felt safe and looked after the whole time. The juices, smoothies, raw food, lectures, activities all flowed on from one another perfectly and you could tell that this was a well designed program. THIS IS MORE THAN JUICE PEOPLE – I CAN PROMISE YOU THAT!! I would say that this is a must for everyone to experience in their life. Let go of the guilt and put yourself and your health first!! The breakthroughs I have experienced include emotional healing, clearer eyes and skin, clarity as to where I see my future and a spot on naturopathic session where I now have my own healing plan designed for me. YAY Just so happy!
Simone B. QLD

What a great experience to bring/teach people back to basics and Leisa does such a great job of doing it!
Vikki P. QLD

My motivation for attending one of Leisa’s detox retreats was driven by the desire to clear out toxins from the physical body, so I could reap the benefits of a healthy diet. What I experienced over the eight night retreat went way beyond my expectations of a physical detox!

The package Leisa has put together, including a thoroughly thought through juice fast – lovingly prepared by Andrea & Jules; Kahuna massage by Sam & Paulie, who never ceased to amaze me with their constant warmth and enveloping & nurturing energy; Transformative Breathing with Alakh and her incredible team introducing us to the power of Breathwork – wow! Sound Healing Meditation with Brian and Alora sharing their magical healing sounds, utilising an amazing range of unusual instruments from all over the world, followed by the mysterious sounds of whales and dolphins – so powerful! Colonics with Natalie, Michelle or Brooke who’s professionalism and knowledge was very comforting; Far Infrared Sauna – far better than a steam sauna on so many levels; Raw Food Preparation Demo’s by Andrea who exudes passion for raw food from every pore – who wouldn’t want to eat raw food after watching and tasting! Yoga – Caroline’s classes specifically tailored to enhance our detox journey were wonderful, with her chanting at the beginning and end of each class mesmerising!

Vision Boards – with Rhianna taking us through an exercise on focusing our thoughts to manifest our dreams; Naturopathic consults – an appointment with Rhianna to talk about any  health issues, followed up with a full report sent out after the retreat. Also having two Naturopath’s on hand – Leisa & Rhianna – to pick their brains about absolutely everything throughout the entire retreat was invaluable; and the Comprehensive Lectures and notes – Leisa has covered off on everything, they are all encompassing and very easy to understand.

The entire week Kate and Rhianna worked tirelessly to ensure spaces were set up and cleaned up, tables were ready for meals and juices and foods served for all 26 retreatees, always with beautiful smiles and encouraging words and energy.

Spending eight days with 26 other retreatees we’d never met before was amazing. The stories and experiences shared openly and the warmth and encouragement shared and friendships formed will remain with me always.

The whole experience has been mind-blowing. It’s difficult to put into words what I’m taking away with me on all levels – physical, mental and emotional.


Thank you to Leisa and her amazing team for steering me in a direction I’m very excited to explore further.
Melissa E. VIC

Byron Bay – November 2013

Leisa and her team have crafted the most amazing, well-balanced, life changing program. I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity and to have received the love and support I did all week. Leisa’s knowledge is limitless – her lectures were some of the best I’ve ever attended (and I have two Uni degrees). The holistic approach to detox and healing and rebuilding my health is just what I needed. I can’t sing praises enough for Embracing Health and will recommend it to everyone. I hope to return at least a few times over the coming years. Thank you for everything!
Ingrid Y. Glen Iris, VIC

This retreat would have to be one of the best experiences I have ever had. This retreat will pinpoint a turning point in my life towards a journey of health, self-love and happiness. I have never been surrounded by such an amazing, caring group whom I wish to stay in contact with. Thank you for all your help behind the scenes to make this happen.
Leisa – Thank you for your support, you are amazing and such a caring soul.
Sam – I love you! Thank you for your wisdom, love and support and helping me through “my stuff”
Darby – You changed my life by releasing what I needed to move on and start my healing journey, so talented!!
Rhianna – thank you for being so approachable and for all your kind words and support.
Cat – please can I take you home !!! You have the ultimate gift, so talented, so passionate!
Paulie – I’m sure you are just as amazing as Sam!
Nadia K. Henley Beach, QLD

The Embracing Health, Detox, Healing and Raw Food Retreat attended in November 2013 was exceptional. The retreat was so very well organised and facilitated by Leisa Wheeler. I received an incredible amount of learning, personal discovery, health benefits, creative expansion, self-nurturing, fun and enjoyment. The raw juices and foods lovingly prepared by Cat Cannizaro were beyond amazing. Leisa Wheeler is a minefield of well researched and proven information. Her highly efficient and organised way of facilitating made for a highly informative and value-added week. The location of the retreat was ideal, alongside one of Australia’s best beaches in Byron Bay. Each participant also received a generous amount of extra bonuses and “goodies” which assisted us greatly in receiving maximum benefits throughout the week. With thanks and heartfelt appreciation to Leisa and her team of extra-ordinary experts who looked after us so very well.
Michelle L. Manly, QLD

My testimonial from last year still stands! A few further comments:- one of the things that impresses me the most about the Embracing Health Retreats is how much people change during the 5 or so days.
Young people in particular, seem to arrive pale, pasty and withdrawn. When they leave they are upright, bright eyed and happy. Such transformations can be life changing and I am sure this happens for many participants. I know I have changed through the retreat experiences. What’s more, since I last came (14 months ago) I have not had a single days illness. Thank you.
Rosie W. Repton, NSW

Leisa’s 6 day retreat was a fantastic experience for me. Leisa has a beautiful and giving nature, she has an absolute abundance of knowledge of all aspects of health. The content that was covered at the lectures was thorough and incredibly useful to me. The retreat is a well-balanced package of detoxing, learning, healing, relaxing, being inspired, eating delicious raw food and being nurtured. The retreat participants were a lovely group of people, we had a lot of fun and enjoyed the mutual leaning, healing and sharing in this life changing week. Leisa’s support team all did a marvelous job in looking after us and all our needs. I feel truly blessed to have had this amazing experience and look forward to putting all my new learnings towards further enhancing my health journey. Thank you Leisa – You Rock!!!
Jolanta B. Moonee Ponds, QLD

This has been an amazing experience and I think that coming to this retreat with no expectations has made it even better. The holistic approach to heath has rewarded me with greater clarity about the people, foods and influences I want to have in my life. The whole team live what they do, and you can feel it. From the first bite of food, to the yoga practice, to the attentive words of the naturopath. One thing is sure, an environment is created for you to return, and just as importantly to learn how to just chill! They have so much knowledge and they really know their stuff. It is all of this that has made it an awesome experience. Keep up the passions!
Daniel V. Sydney, NSW

I came to the Embracing Health Retreat instead of going away to Schoolies, and although I was apprehensive at first when faced with 3 days of nothing but juice, my body is certainly thanking me for it now! I most definitely made the right decision, as I feel lighter, happier and more open-minded thanks to the great location, wonderful people and delicious food! Thank you to Leisa and all the other amazing staff for this wonderful experience.
Jessica D. Brisbane, QLD

Leisa and her amazing team lead you effortlessly through a week of detoxing, with abundant knowledge and support. Together with Cat’s spectacular gourmet food creating an uplifting, wonderful week! Thank you!
Michelle M. Hawthorne, QLD

Bali - October 2013

I have been to quite a few health/detox retreats over the past few years, so I ‘investigated’ different retreats before making my decision. When I read Leisa’s info on her Embracing Health Website, I knew this was my next venture. I chose the Bali retreat because of its longer length, as it would be a long flight (from Canada) either way… I was NOT disappointed! Bali has a beautiful energy and Kori Ubud was an amazing resort. Ten days of holistic health- the program was very well rounded with many things included in the base price. I had many enlightening moments with the informative lectures, felt great after the 5 1/3 day juice fast, thrilled with the next few days of raw cuisine, complete with the massages and colonics, surprised with the guest lecturers and healing modalities, and humbled with the Agni Hotra Ceremony. You will not be disappointed if you decide to attend the Embracing Health retreat- even when you travel 19 hours to get there, as I did!
Sue F. Alberta, Canada

I had been thinking about this retreat for 2 years and thought it was hard to find the time and justify spending the money on myself. However I am so glad I did. It was a very rewarding experience, for my health, meeting wonderful people, learning and enjoying! Leisa and her team nurture you from the start to the end of the retreat. It is wonderful value and there are a wide range of people at different starting points in their health journey who are taken care of and supported. Thank you!
Helen B. Mt Claremont, WA

Being almost, a septuagenarian (70 years of age), I would like to encourage those who are considering doing a retreat with Embracing Health and may be thinking that they are too old to take the ‘plunge’ and invest in themselves. You are worth it, and you will never regret it! Like me, I am sure that once you have experienced one retreat, you will return again.
Jenny C. Frenchville, QLD

An amazing retreat hosted by the most professional and caring people I’ve ever met in the food and health industry. There isn’t anyone who will not take home something special from these retreats. Thank you Leisa and all your staff and special thanks to Bali and the humble people that live there! Chris &
Lee C.  Morphett Vale, SA

My wife came last year with her mum and raved about this retreat. I thought I would have been starving during the 5 days of juicing. But the body adjusts and it was easy! It was organised to perfection with Leisa and her staff ensuring we had enough downtime between activities and lectures. I learnt so much, all the lectures were awesome. I will go home with so much info on how to be healthy and how to eat better. The juices/smoothies/raw food that Cat, the Chef, prepared were “TO LIVE FOR”. They were awesome!! So for all you males out there, it was an excellent retreat, regarded as one of the best of it’s kind. Other males also attend so you will not be alone. So get off your butt and give it a go. You will not regret it!
Mick B. Kilaben Bay, NSW

This is actually the second time I have attended this retreat in Bali. Last year I came with my Mum. It was a beautiful mother-daughter experience. Mum has an autoimmune disease which really worries me and I was always lecturing her about health and what she ‘should do’, so we came for a much needed break and for someone else to talk and demonstrate health to Mum instead of a nagging annoying daughter! I wanted Mum to FEEL the difference when you detox and feed your body what it needs in order to revamp and heal itself. After coming home a new person, I began to create new healthy habits in my life and this year I returned with my hubby. I raved so much about how amazing the retreat was and he was keen to experience it all himself, so how could I say no!  We had the most amazing time. It was excellent to share and learn the importance of health in our lives together, and we had so much fun and met some amazing people along the way. Initially Mick thought “OMG 5 days without food and only juicing, I don’t think I’ll survive”. But it was a ‘breeze’ and as time passed, he was amazed at how good he felt. Every activity or talk motivated or resonated with us both in some way and by the end of the retreat we felt alive in so many ways, physically and mentally. An awesome experience. Thank you Leisa.
Kylie B. Kilaben Bay, NSW

Byron Bay- September 2013

Life changing and fun at the same time
Teresa H.

A detox is a very difficult thing to do at home without naturopathic support and while you are coping with your every day life and stress. This retreat was the most comprehensive I have ever attended and the material was interesting and generously provided and the support was amazing. The juices were delicious and you could feel they were doing you good. The raw vegan food was outstanding and the most tasty and nutritious meals ever served. They were five star quality and you would not believe they were raw. The retreat not only nourishes our bodies but it stimulates our minds and soothes our souls. Thank you all for an experience I will never forget I am going home now to change my life for the better.
Erin C.

Dear Leisa, my gratitude and admiration is overwhelming. For all you and your team have taught and shared from the heart this week, my sincere thanks. I may have waited over 40 years to fulfill my dream to attend a health retreat, but feel I chose the very best and it was worth the wait! Although I’ve experienced and learnt so much while here in this amazing group, I believe this is only the beginning, and that the impact from this week will reverberate through my future in so many positive ways. Saddened the retreat is drawing to a close, yet equally excited to be returning home rejuvenated and ready to incorporate the wealth of valuable information you’ve given us into our daily lives. Looking forward to your book with anticipation and to the results of your work with the informative (and highly entertaining!) Cat!. The world will be a better place for your commitment and hard work. It already is! Wishing you and every member of your awesome team radiant health, endless abundance and much love and laughter. Love and hugs.
Lorraine M.

I am first and foremost a passionate lover of Australian and American muscle cars, and as such do not fit the profile of your usual health retreat client. I have to say that the experience I’ve had at Leisa’s retreat has taught me a lot, and exposed me to some incredible experiences. I don’t think I’ll look at food in the same way ever again. Eating great food is a gift we need to ourselves. Most men wouldn’t even consider coming on one of these retreats, but they really would be missing out on a lot. They need to do it! I’ll still enjoy flooring the gas pedals in our Mustang and XR8, so I don’t think I’ve lost any of my masculinity by doing this. I’ll be happier and healthier, and will be able to enjoy cars long into my old age because I’ll be fit enough to get in and out of them! Do it guys!
Robert K.

I cannot recommend Leisa and the Embracing Health Team highly enough. I attended the Byron Bay Retreat in September. The program was carefully planned with daily group exercise and lectures providing us with the tools to continue a healthy and happy lifestyle at home.The team atmosphere and the care and compassion shown to us was outstanding. This truly was a life changing experience for me and I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to attend. Robyn L.

This is the first time I have EVER done anything like this and it is the best thing I could have ever done for my body and mind. I have never learnt so much and felt so inspired to really make permanent changes for myself to live the life I really want. Thanks so much to Leisa and her amazing team.
Kylee A.

Anyone who is thinking about taking positive steps with their health needs this retreat! After my 7 days on this retreat my mind is clearer, my skin clearer, my body is clearer. I have learnt practical steps that are easy to put in place at home for the benefit of all my family! I will definitely be coming back next year! The team of absolute professionals that Leisa has put together is the best I have ever experienced. I have traveled extensively around the world in the health and beauty industry and this is the most all encompassing retreat I have ever experienced.
Laura S.

To Leisa and the team, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You have changed my life xxx
Vicky W. 

I came on this retreat with my girlfriend Vicky, not knowing what really it entailed or what to expect and Wow! it has been the most wonderful experience I have ever had. Leisa and her team are a very special and unique group of people so full of warmth, caring  and knowledge beyond anything i have experienced before. I have learnt so much about food and nutrition and soaked up every bit of information that I could to take home and change my life for the better. Most importantly I have learnt about myself and feel that the real me that has been tucked away for so long can finally come out to play. I would recommend this retreat to anyone it is just life changing – really it is. An experience no one should miss!
Julie W.

I cam here 15 kgs overweight due to giving more to everyone else but myself. I was drinking too much, smoking (socially) and not taking 100% care of myself and running a successful business and being in an unhappy one sided relationship. I honestly feel so refreshed and re-energised, now I had heaps of energy before but now I have so so much more. I was the worlds first fussy eater, now I can eat Raw juices and eat raw food. i have learnt to ‘Let Go’, wow! Something I have struggled with for 43 years. I am alive, safe, beautiful, well and the most important… I now love myself! Thank you!
Karla M.

Leisa, this was undeniably a life-changing experience – the best money ever spent! Your extensive knowledge about nutrition and your passion for holistic wellness was conveyed in a way that afforded us the ideal blend of education, healing and fun. Most of all you and your caring and dynamic team have empowered me with the tools and confidence to make some necessary changes in my life. Thank you for an amazing week – I will wholeheartedly recommend your retreats to others.
Miriam D.

This was not only a detox and personal healing experience it was a hugely significant and beneficial learning experience. The opportunity to both relax, heal and larn make it one of the best ‘holiday’ experiences I have ever had. Oh! and you wont meet a more dedicated, brilliant and caring group of people running it. Leisa and her team are fantastic. Tony G. 

Once again, this retreat has provided the perfect opportunity for me to reconnect with myself and what I know to be true and necessary for my health and happiness. Leisa and her wonderful team run a program that comprehensively meets the needs of a diverse group of participants, so that everyone feels heard, supported and nurtured. i can’t imagine how anyone could leave this experience without a sense of having been restored, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am so grateful to have the retreats as a resource when I need it to restore my equilibrium and remind me that I am a beautiful, vibrant and loving women. Namaste.
Jenny C.

Busselton- November 2012

Having never been without food for more than a day in my life, I had no concept of what to expect. Having misread the information and expecting a 3 day juice fast, to find out on arrival it was 5 days, was confronting. However to see, day by day, the changes to my body and what I had been carrying around inside of me for all these years, was a revelation. Anytime it got tough a juice would be there to get me through, or my body would remind me why I was here. Leisa and her amazing staff, Cat the amazing Chef, Ange the angel and yoga provacateur, Rhi the sweet and generous right hand of Leisa, made the whole expereince more memorable. Eating healthy, eating well, treating my body like the sacred temple it is will not be a fad or a ‘stage I’m going through.’ These women have taught me lessons, knowledge and given me expereinces that I can feel already are becoming a part of the fabric of my being. My life will be richer, my mind and body more healthy, for having spent eight short days of my life with this beautiful, generous, amazing, group of people. Bless you and thank you.
Craig V. W.

Leisa’s knowledge on all aspects of healing our body through detox and raw food is amazing. Leia’s own personal journey she shares is a credit to the girl she has become today. Her love and support to us all as we go on our journey is truly lovely. The mixed knowledge from all her team, Cat, Ange and Rhi who are all very willing to support us and share their advice, makes it a more pleasant expereince and has been truly amazing.

This is my second retreat and I would highly recommend anyone who wants to make changes to their lifestyle believing ‘Food is our Medicine”, to come along – your body will be grateful to the changes. I have made a commitment to do this yearly detox with Leisa to give my body the love and respect it deserves. Thank you Leisa!
Lynne R.

I am a 22 year old girl who came here to quit smoking - I was going to walk away happy if this helped in any way! I have been absolutely blown away with how esaily I have done this, along with gaining so, so much knowledge about food, life and health. I am so excited for the next dates to come out for future retreats. I would recommend this to anyone and plan on bringing my friends along on many more. Last note - Cat the Chef is the most talented chef, as she has made a non- juice drinker, enjoy juice! Many thanks to Leisa and the gorgeous staff.
Lily B.

Before spending my hard-earned cash I read every written testimonial and watched every video testimonial on Leisa’s retreats. Accordingly Leisa and her team had a lot to live up to! They were truly amazing. Every single one of her team is a wonderful and caring person with so much knowledge. Leisa goes to an incredbile amount of trouble to make sure everything is perfect. The absolutely scrumptious food at the end, uncooked by Cat was well worth the effort of the 5 days of juice detox. I thoroughly enjoyed my week with fun, like-minded people and would happily do it again.
Chele F.

It is like we came to the health retreat as a dormant seed and planted in an nourishing and nurturing environement where the seed was watered to sproud and grow into a great tree.
Mark K.

Leisa and her team have put together a retreat that makes transitioning to a healthier way of living easy, and so much fun. I arrived overweight, chronically exhausted and and lacking enthusiasm for my life. Too tired to implement the changes I knew were essential to feel well, I can’t emphasise enough the value of this retreat in supporting me in this task. 8 days later, I am feeling full of energy and optimism, and excitement about my life and the plans I have for it. I’m confident I have the tools to continue on the path to optimal well being.

Leisa, you are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expereince, and for providing an integrated, holistic programme that is the perfect opportunity for embracing a healthier life. You have gathered around you an exceptional team of people and I feel so privileged to have been a part of this experience. I cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone who wants to take their wellbeing to another level.
Jenny C.

I was totally burnt out when I came here, drinking 12 coffee’s a day. Yes I did suffer from a headache for one day while at the retreat, but it didn’t stop me from enjoying myself. I hated fruit before I came here, I even told myself that fruit makes me sick. Then ‘Wow’ the Health Conscious Chef Cat changed that the first day. I came here because with the way I was living I would be dead in ten years, if I hadn’t found Leisa’s Retreat. I know you can’t believe me yet when I say that, but you are not in my shoes. What have you got to lose by trying Leisa’s Retreats for your self? But only come if you are prepared to have a life changing exerience! For example I now have a better relationship with myself and my body / mind transformation.. Wow! I am glad it was here when I needed it so much. We are all grateful that you decided to take this path and that you love sharing with others – Thank you Leisa and Team!

Byron Bay - September 2012

I felt nurtured and surrounded by loving caring people who had so much integrity.
Jocelyn C.

I have never experienced anything so physically, mentally, and emotionally cleansing than this Embracing Health Retreat. This is my second raw food retreat with Leisa, and the team are amazingly talented healers with Leisa leading the show. Throughout the whole week, I felt supported as well as nourished. The information, workshops and group activities were excellent quality. And the bonding with the people in the group has created many friendships. I am able to manage my health and diet with more confidence and assurance with the tools to carry on at home. Thank you Leisa and the Byron Bay Team! I’m coming back again for sure! Xx
Susan D.

This was my second Embracing Health retreat in 12 months. I had such an amazing life changing experience on the first retreat that I just knew that I had to come back. Leisa communicates how important and easy it is to be truly healthy and gives everyone the knowledge and power to make real changes into their lives. After the first retreat I changed my diet to an organic, whole food with lots of raw superfoods, and doubled my energy levels. The second retreat has furthered my detox experience and my intention of dumping as much ‘old baggage’ was fulfilled. Leisa is an amazing spirit that attracts a unique and nurturing team of staff and retreat guests that help you on your healing journey. Thank you!
Matina H.

This was my second experience, and it just gets better! I feel I have a far deeper understanding of all the amazing information Leisa so generously gives. The team of people she gathered together to support us were simply AMAZING!!
Annalisa M.

This being my first retreat I wasn’t sure what to expect event though I was told to “be open.” The beautiful spiritual feeling here was immediate for me. The trees, the cottages, the natural environment, the walking track and the beach. What an amazing place this is. Then began our fast for the next five days as we got to taste the different flavours. Along with this, my favourite, the yoga. I am converted. The feeling of being able to have permission to let go of all past hates, angers etc. and allow all that is pure, good, beautiful into my body was an amazing experience. Then the walks along the beautiful beach were outstanding. Each day was a journey of discovery for me and finding that I can really and truly love my body for all the scars and ‘flabby bits’ and now nurture every part internal and external. I feel soft now. I feel renewed and look forward to applying all the learning’s that is going to make very significant changes in my life.
Rui R.

The term ‘retreat’ barely captures the profound learning experience of Leisa’s 8 day detox journey. It was a privilege to be invited to share, through such a carefully constructed scaffold program, the deep and extensive knowledge that clearly underpins its design. Delicious nourishing juices enable hunger– free fasting; colonics look after the other end. Cooking classes and many take home goodies help guarantee that the learning doesn’t stop at the close of the retreat. Leisa has created around her an extraordinary nurturing team whose spirit infuses everything – the yoga, the massage, the food – all the services available. As a lifelong educator of adults, I know a good one when I see one – Leisa is a natural. Thank you!
Rosie L.

Ubud, Bali – August #2 2012

One of the most profound, informative, relaxing, pampering, life-changing weeks of my life! See you next year!
Lisa S.

Embracing Health – Wow! – Thank you Leisa for passing on your knowledge and the professionalism, thoughtfulness, support and confidentiality. Your staff also knowledgeably with great people skills. What a rewarding week it has been – I will be taking away so much – I now love yoga – thank you Oksana for your skill and calming voice. I have learnt to breathe properly assisting my body to heal. The food amazingly delicious with real flavours. The surrounds so breathtaking. My body so clean now with clear mindedness and vitality. I want to live again!

Life is beautiful… Big hugs and love to all who made my week enjoyable. God Bless xxx
Yvonne D.

Once again the Embracing Health team have delivered a well-structured, holistic approach to achieving optimum health. I loved being able to relax and join into the educational lectures, delicious juices and the yummiest raw food!
Donna D.

Wow! So glad I waited till after the closing ceremony to write this. What a heart-opening, uplifting, educational and spiritually soothing week this has been. Leisa – Outstanding! You and your team are remarkable. Congratulations on offering undoubtedly the best retreat experience in Bali! See you next year xoxo
Lisa J.

Embracing Health – Wow! – Thank you Leisa for passing on your knowledge and the professionalism, thoughtfulness, support and confidentiality. Your staff also knowledgeably with great people skills. What a rewarding week it has been – I will be taking away so much – I now love yoga – thank you Oksana for your skill and calming voice. I have learnt to breathe properly assisting my body to heal. The food amazingly delicious with real flavours. The surrounds so breathtaking. My body so clean now with clear mindedness and vitality. I want to live again!
Yvonne D.

Ubud, Bali – August #1 2012

As a naturopath and colonic hydrotherapist it was easy to do this by myself but what this retreat offers that you can’t do by yourself is to totally immerse yourself in a week with just you and like-minded people to really allow whatever detox you need to happen. In my situation it was an emotional and rejuvenation retreat, it’s different for everyone. Leisa and her staff are extremely good, professional and supportive at what they do and from the choices of juices to the education that you receive on all levels of health, and it’s done with love and fun. I would totally recommend that if you are thinking of doing this then choose Leisa. It’s a fantastic retreat. I loved it, even the uncomfortable bits.
Diedre S.

I have experienced another fantastic retreat with Leisa and her team, and this time at beautiful Ubud in Bali. All aspects of healing are covered so well as the years of hard work, research and experience of Leisa certainly bear fruit – Pardon the pun! Ifeel great gratitude to Leisa and Ange for all their support and love all the way through the detox and to know that it doesn’t just stop at the end of the retreat, but there is continued support for when you leave and go home. The five days of juicing included a huge variety of juices, each juice given to us is explained for their cleanings and healing properties. And the big plus is they are so tasty too. Of course our wonderful Cat, who prepares all our delicious food from the heart. I love her passion in all she does. Her raw food prep classes include so many practical ideas for us to take home with us… and her chocolate… WOW!
Michele K.

Leisa and team have put together such an incredible program and having the retreat in Ubud, Bali has been perfect! I have gained so much knowledge and awareness about diet, cleansing, emotional healing (learning the importance of it all and how it comes together). I feel like I have so many tools to take home with me. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have this experiences and to meet such incredible people with such kind hearts and like minds. Especially, I am so chuffed I got to go on this awesome journey with my Mum, is a great thing to do with loved ones. The hints and tips, along with newly learnt knowledge, are so helpful for when we return to our everyday lives – living with so much more fulfilment. And, oh my goodness, the raw food is unbelievable divine, such talent, passion and love goes into it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Tahnae K.

This is my third retreat with the inspiring and talented Leisa, and without doubt the best to date. I was blessed that due to a last minute cancellation I was able to be included. For me the past 12 months have been extremely challenging – culminating in major surgery and three deaths in the past eight weeks of close family members 0 including my mother-in-law and my precious Mum.  The spiritual environment of Ubud along with the setting of the retreat was completely complemented by the amazing fellow attendees that were present. Of course to put the absolute magic in to the experience were the wonderful staff. Leisa’s so inspiring, open, knowledgeable and loving. Ange so calm, gentle and uplifting. Cat – so amazing and inspiring with her raw food, juice and smoothie knowledge and recipes and so caring and giving. Thank you for everything.

I have been so inspired by this Ubud retreat experience to re-evaluate my life, my lifestyle and commit to making a difference to myself, my health and to those around me by being a true influence and modelling all that I have learnt and walked through. Thank you so much for the chance to re-join my health and my renewed positive outlook on life and a healthy future.
Carolyn C.

I was fortunate enough to have the retreat gifted to my from a dear friend, and I couldn’t be more grateful. The retreat is one of the best experiences in life I have had thus far, and I definitely will be attending many more ran by Leisa in the future.
Sheridan P.

This was my second retreat with Leisa (the 1st was 3 years ago). I can honestly say I got even more out of this retreat in terms of knowledge, support and new experiences. It was a reminder/ affirmation to stay with a healthy eating lifestyle and opened my experience with Raw Food. I loved the transformational breathing lecture and I will definitely be back in the future.
Belinda F.

Leisa, Until I participated in this retreat I doubted my ability to plan for myself the best diet regime to give me optimal health. Living by myself I was lazy, not particularly motivated, and unimaginative in my food preparations. By the end of your retreat I felt and looked so much lighter within my body and healthier, my skin and hair was shining. The colonic irrigation’s gave me the boost and incentive to continue to be good to my body, and I soon realised how easy it was to create yummy raw healthy food – I’m converted! My friends here at home said I was clowing! Thank you to all your great staff, I have cherished memories of you all, and thank you for the gift of understanding you gave me – I’ll be back!
Robyn M.

I arrived with quite a few addictions, especially tobacco. The journey thru the week of my 1st detox program was not so difficult as I expected. The team supported us/me in so many ways. The program is designed for us to make our own judgement and educate us on healthy eating and living. Also giving us the tools to live a healthier life. I also found it a spiritual journey of growth and renewal, which was necessary for my healing, which in turn changed my mind set on my reasons for addictions. Leisa creates a space/ environment for us to grow, heal, rest and come out better people. She gives the opportunity and tools to be able to live to our highest potential. Thank you, ever grateful.
Taraivina C.

Embracing Life was the perfect balance of good food, information and relaxation. Through Leisa’s knowledge and positive spirit my self-awareness has been taken to a new level – Thank you! In particular, I have a much deeper awareness of the way all aspects (emotional, spiritual, physical) work together to create the perfect self. Thank you so much Embracing Life!!
Mateo F.

Byron Bay, April 2012

So many things were exceptional. The professionalism of the entire team. The fabulous food and juice. The information we were given. The wonderful sharing of the group. Both yoga teachers (great sessions Ange!) The sound healing, breath work and Paulies Session!
Great retreat Leisa. A big ‘thank you’ to you and the great team for creating such a wonderful space, and for your energy and warmth.
Lynne S. – Melbourne, VIC

I attended the same retreat, this time last year and was so impressed with the entire retreat that I had to do it all again. Leisa’s attention to detail is meticulous and her depth of knowledge in the area of health and wellbeing is phenomenal. This is a program I intend to schedule into my calender every year to assist me in keeping on track with my health – mind, body, and spirit. This has to be the best value for money retreat out there today and it’s definitely the best money I have spent on myself – EVER!!!
Trish C. – Sunshine Coast, QLD

Wonderful time out to reinforce my lifestyle decisions with like minded people. The level of knowledge and love from the group and staff was inspirational. Beautiful setting to be pampered and rested xxx
Julie D. – Newcastle, NSW

I came to Leisa’s Embracing Life Retreat for education about health and detoxing. I received amazing information about food, nutrition and detoxing but also received an incredible education about emotional healing, letting go and self awareness. I can’t quiet put into words what this retreat has given me but I leave with a healthy body, clear mind, full heart, dear friends and renewed ‘fire for my life’. Thank you to Leisa, Rhianna, Ange, Kate and Paulie. You are all angels and I am so grateful our lives have crossed xxxxx
Leisa W. – Gold Coast, QLD

WOW! Words cannot describe the subtle transformations that just kept coming for me. An unbelievable experience that far exceeded any of my expectations – all of which was due to the most inspiring, beautiful, compassionate and nurturing team Leisa has surrounding her and within her – AMAZING!

The therapies, yoga and programs, guests and education sessions were world class – the juices and food – divine!

I have honestly not felt this great for I don’t know how long and am so, so glad that I jumped and pushed the button to book this incredible retreat. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for the new memories, new friendships and a fabulous adventure – that just keeps opening up. Xoxo
Helen W. – Brisbane, QLD

In a word – awesome! Leisa has thought of everything. She provides quality information, caring staff, a great location and a fun attitude. There is an abundance of knowledge to be gained. Thanks Leisa!
Kitti L. – Bondi, NSW

I had an excellent experience at Embracing Health’s 6 day detox retreat in Byron Bay. This was the perfect amount of time for me to regather my thoughts on my diet, health, exercise and how I could improve my time management. I am a health conscious individual after a serious diagnosis, however, it is still easy to slip into old patterns especially as a busy, working, mother of two. I loved the whole staffs encouragement, education and support and felt safe and comfortable as our wonderful group detoxed together. I made new friends and really enjoyed the natural environment, beach location. Thank you Liesa and team.
Sam A. – Newcastle, NSW

Ubud, Bali – March 2012

Oh Bali, how I love you! What a magical, spellbinding place to run a retreat! Villa Gaia is such a beautiful setting, overlooking the lush green rice fields – and the staff there are just the most kind, generous and hard-working people! We had a huge group for this March 2012 Retreat – the first one of the year and a booked out event! We were privileged to have Julie Dickson and Lucas Scheffel there to film the retreat for their TV pilot of ReTreat Me – I can’t wait to see the footage!

As a practicing naturopath with years of experience and a strong client base, I am well aware how much misleading and conflicting information there is out there in regards to diet and health. Leisa’s Embracing Life! Retreat provides correct information of a high quality and a fantastic environment to kick-start learning and healing. I strongly recommend anyone with a chronic disease / condition attend. I thoroughly enjoyed the retreat myself and loved the connections made by Leisa and the guest speakers between mind and body; emotions, and physical disease. Keep up the great work Leisa!
Asa H. – Gold Coast, QLD

This is my 3rd retreat with Leisa… We all stray from the path, and a reminder that our health is our only real piece of wealth is something that needs to be refreshed. I live in a busy, stressful world, and need to regenerate, let go, and give myself a gift occasionally. That’s what Leisa’s retreats are – a way to reward ourselves, love ourselves, and learn. Not to mention the amazing people I’ve met at each retreat!
Cheryl P. – Sydney, NSW

The Embracing Life! Retreat was the most profound and life-changing experience. I met the most wonderful people and made life-changing discoveries and decisions that can only make me grateful! Leisa and her staff, Ange & Julie, are so experienced and full of knowledge and friendship. Julie prepares the most amazing food and Ange is simply a bundle of love, joy and humour. Leisa is so warm and caring, and there is simply no way for you to not make huge discoveries about yourself, your health, and the universe, unless you choose not to… Thank you to ALL who attended my retreat – I will never forget this.
Love Jaide S. – Gold Coast, QLD

The Embracing Life! Retreat is one I would definitely recommend for anyone chasing health issues. It is a fast track to getting your mind, body and soul in balance. The five day juice fast helped kick-start my digestive system into many great health benefits for my body, including losing 4kg. I still felt amazing during the detox, I didn’t get sick at all. This retreat is suitable for anyone, of any age, and from all walks of life. Thank you Leisa and team, it was a pleasure.
Jeff N. – Gold Coast, QLD

As my first trip to Bali, it was amazing and a total escape from my everyday life. The Embracing Life! Retreat gave me the opportunity to learn about improving the way I live my life. What I take home and use in everyday life remains to be seen, but it has definitely given me the tools to start my new journey. Thank you for a wonderful week!
Jo P. – Sydney, NSW

This was my first time doing an Embracing Life! Retreat and also my first time in Bali, and I knew this was the right place to go and ‘Embrace Life!’. I’d read the testimonials, that this retreat  was life-changing for people, and I didn’t believe it, so had to see it for myself. WOW, no doubt it was exactly that, life-changing for me. I met amazing people along with Leisa being one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve ever met. Her retreat is worth every dollar spent. I got exactly what I needed from this experience and more. I learnt to just be me again and I’m thankful for that! Shanti xxxx
Kathy M. – Adelaide, SA

The juice fasting was fabulous. Bali is a great place to do it! Great people – thanks so much for organising this retreat!
Karen & Terry – Darwin, NT

The fact I’ve attended six of Leisa’s retreats, speaks for itself… Her combination of astounding health wisdom, along with the amazing locations and divine raw foods, makes it an experience everyone should indulge in. You undergo a total detox of mind, body and spirit and come back into your life and the world with renewed energy, clarity and enthusiasm. Thank you Leisa – you’re an ANGEL!!!
Sandy F. – Sunshine Coast, QLD

This is my third experience at Leisa’s retreats, and once again I am leaving with more knowledge, information and sense of peace. My intention to create the abundance I need to keep inspiring others will be my mantra when I return home. You are an earth angel Leisa and I give thanks for you being in my life. I will be promoting your retreats to my customers and friends.
Susan P. – Sydney, NSW

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