Health & Wellbeing Millionaire

16 Australian Health & Wellbeing Experts share their success secrets to living your BEST life now!

I am VERY excited to announce that a few months ago I was priveleged to be invited to become a featured author in the book “Health & Wellbeing Millionaire”. This book is the next one being released in the “Millionaire” series of books – the theme of each one being to explore the mind-set of successful people within a specific industry.

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Successful people in any industry usually have an interesting story to tell – often it’s how they went from having very little, to experiencing abundance – and the journey they took to change their thoughts, feelings, beliefs and limiting patterns to achieve that. Of course, with this series of books the main focus is on financial wealth – but “Health & Wellbeing Millionaire” adds another dimension to what is described as “wealth”.

We have all heard the saying that “health is wealth” and nowhere is it more apparent than in the stories these authors tell, as we write about the importance of creating outstanding health as a tool for achieving amazing things in life. Whether that is creating financial abundance – or just having the energy to follow your passion in life - whatever that may be. For the health experts featured in the book (yours truly included!), our passion is health and we all have built successful businesses in this field doing what we love.

The chapters are written in an interview style, exploring our thoughts and our journeys towards health, wealth and success. A fantastic inspiration for anyone wanting to know more about how to create a thriving business in the health industry, or for anyone interested in how good health can become your most prized asset. Here is an excerpt from my chapter:

“What do you consider some of the secrets to success?

 I believe success comes from a multitude of factors coming together at the right time. It is a culmination of having passion and drive in a certain area, a love for what you do, the willingness to learn the skills needed for the success of the business, and a faith in your own ability to make it happen.

Persistence is a willingness to go beyond what you would consider normal effort and an attitude of ‘how can I make this work?’ instead of coming up with reasons why it can’t.  There’s no excuse when it’s your own business; you can’t put in a half-hearted effort or shift the responsibility onto someone else. One of the benefits of your own business is that you are your own boss and have the flexibility to manage your own time, but I can’t tell you how many 20-hour days I’ve put in at times, and it hasn’t fazed me. I get excited about my business every single day. If you don’t have that excitement and passion, it is much harder to make it work.

I also believe that success is a natural state when your work is an outward expression of who you are and reflects your integrity and values in life. For example, what appears to be a very relaxed week at the Embracing Life! retreats, is in fact, 20 years in the making. A diploma in hospitality and experience in every aspect of that field, customer service positions, a diploma in freelance journalism, a lifetime study of personal development, a naturopathy degree, and working for years at a health retreat – all of those skills and learning have come together into a business that reflects and uses all of my knowledge gained over that time.

I believe that looking within and really understanding who you are – your talents, skills, passions, beliefs, knowledge, values and goals – and bringing them together into a business, is much more likely to succeed than jumping on a bandwagon just because it looks like it could lead to success. It is about who you are that makes the difference.”

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What is very exciting about this book, is that each copy contains over $2000 worth of bonus health & wellbeing gifts from the authors – a goldmine of expert information and benefits for you to enjoy. And keep reading below for information on the “Millionaires Retreat” we’re holding in beautiful Bali in June!

Discover the Real secret to Wealth… Health. You hold in your
hands the success secrets of the best in the industry. Learn
what they know about achieving physical,emotional,mental,
and spiritual health and why millions are now discovering why
their health really is their greatest wealth.

The book should hit the stores in the next week or two, but if you would like a signed copy of the book with a beautiful Embracing Health bookmark, make sure you pre-order your copy today! Books will be mailed to you by approximately the end of February (or the first of week of March!). As a thank you for your interest in my story, I am throwing in the postage and handling so that the book is just $29.95 to your door.

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