I have a health issue that I need help with, can I email you for advice?

Due to the large number of enquiries and other commitments I unfortunately cannot respond to email enquiries, however the Embracing Health Team now includes a fully qualified naturopath and nutritionist Rhianna Smith. I will be working closely with Rhianna to oversee your treatment programs. You can find more information or book a health mentoring session with Rhianna here.

I suspect I have a Thyroid problem, but my doctor says that my blood tests are fine, can you help?

Blood tests are notoriously unreliable and not the best way to assess thyroid function. Thyroid and fatigue issues are one area that I have studied in depth and through extensive experience have developed protocols that work, and maybe be able to correct Thyroid function by addressing the underlying causes which doctors often ignore. See above to book in for a Health Mentoring session.

 I’ve never done a detox retreat before, are the Embracing Life! Reteats suitable for me?

Absolutely! We have both complete beginners and more experienced participants at the Embracing Life! Retreats, and we guide and support you through the whole process. Everything is explained in great detail – why we detox, how we detox, and what the effects are. You’re Embracing Life! Team members are always on hand to answer any questions and we pride ourselves on the detox being effective but gentle.

How often should I do a detox Retreat?

I recommend doing at least a week long, supervised, detoxification regime once or twice a year to keep your health at an optimal level.

Will I learn practical steps to change my life from the Retreat?

Yes. Comprehensive notes are given out for every lecture and recipes are given out for every juice, smootie and meal that we have at the retreat. Our retreat chef will also show you how to make these delicious recipes in the food preperation classes.

Are the retreats ladies only?

No, we often have gentleman attend the retreats, and couples are always welcome too.

Is there any free time at the Retreats? Will it feel like a holiday or is it just like a boot camp?

I put a lot of effort into making the schedule a balance between education and relaxation. We have large blocks of time scheduled into the day that is your own free time to rest, read, journal or have an extra massage. It will definitely feel like a holiday, but one where you come away feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Will I lose weight on the detox?

Normally people lose 2-3kgs on the Retreat, but they learn strategies for healthy eating that will last them a lifetime.

Can I get a Naturopath appointment at the Retreat?

Depending on the location, Rhianna may be available to do full naturopathic consults throughout the retreat. However you will be learning how to create a foundation of good health throughout the week.

How do I join the Membership Club?

The Membership Club is a wealth of information delived to you in a series of monthly modules, themed around a different aspect of health each module. To sign up for the introductory $1 trial, or to get more information visit the Membership Page here. 

How do I unsubscribe from the Membership Club?

You are welcome to unsubscribe at any time by logging into your PayPal account, find the active subscription and cancel the subscription there.

How do I get to see you in person?

At the moment, it will  only be at the Retreats, however in the near future I will be doing public speaking events, as well as press around my new Book.

You mentioned Saliva and Stool testing on your site, where can I get more information?

The Saliva and Stool tests have their own websites with plenty of information and access to the order form.

Please go to www.salivahormonereport.com or www.digestionhealthreport.com