Crazy Christmas Sale!

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Give the gift of health this Christmas with one of our heavily discounted packs! Limited stock available and will stay at this price until sold! David Wolfe books and supplements, superfood packs and Embracing Health educational material – and don’t forget the chocolates!

5 Chocolate Pack – Variety

Sacred Chocolate

$ 65.00 Now only $55.00

A Five Pack of Sacred Chocolates, selected from:
Coco Nibby, Longevity Bliss, Mocha, India Sunset, Mint, Immuno Mushroom, White Passion, Amazonia



David Wolfe Favourites Pack

$ 121.00 Now only $50.00

Chaga Book
Fulvic Acid
Maca Powder
2 x Sacred Chocolates



David Wolfe Book Pack

$ 125.00 Now only $50.00

Sunfood Diet Success System
Amazing Grace



Supercharged Energy Pack

$ 58.00 Now only $30.00

Superblast Antioxidant Mix
Acai Berry Powder
Magnesium Power Bath Soak


Merry Berry Christmas Smoothie Pack

$ 65.00 Now only $40.00

Cacao Powder
Acai Berry Powder
Maca Powder




Happy Holidays Healthy Gift Pack

$ 116.00 Now only $60.00

Health & Wellbeing Millionaire Book
Raw For 900 Days CD
Human Rights / Health Rights CD
The Emotional Aspects of Healing DVD
2 x Sacred Chocolates